Social Outreach Services.

Social Outreach Services is an accredited service that has been set up as a Community Interest Company, to address the gaps within community services and the commercial sector to engage and develop (mainly) young people and young adults with learning and physical disabilities. We provide positive outreach activities that deliver skills around sports, outdoor pursuits that enable people to participate in activities. 

Social Outreach Services provides services for families, adults and children with learning and physical disabilities, as well as young people not in education, employment or training. 

Following research it became clear that many young people and adults with LD, through no fault of their own , stand in danger of being excluded from the labour market, training and society at large. Employment opportunities are limited. Often quite traditional day service do not meet their aspirations or they are inappropriate for their complex needs.

We offer opportunities appropriate to the individuals needs and skills of the people involved. we allow people to progress at their own pace and over a period of time, some progress into employments

People with very significant disabilities are offered more long term work activity or training which enables them to develop to their maximum potential and make an equal contribution to the world of work at SOS whilst enjoying the benefits of increased self-confidence and self-esteem that it brings..

The whole focus at SOS is to give these adults the opportunity for progression and social interaction in their working life. We help them to acquire skills, experience and accreditations towards nationally recognised qualifications according to the individuals needs.

The emphasis is on making a contribution in a real live working environment to enhance the quality of lives for all that take part.