SORM Theatre Group.

Working in partnership with Void Arts Ltd, MizKast is a dynamic performance and multi-media arts group specifically delivered for LGBTQ+ young people.

What begun as a group of young people attending SORM to just hang out and sing a few songs, has now developed into a dedicated creative group, who produce pieces of theatre which address the needs and the issues of their peer group and the issues that affect society today.

The group is totally young person led and every element of each project is devised, created and performed by the group involved. The group exists to break boundaries and to give young people who may not usually have a voice, a platform to speak about issues that affect them and to challenge pre-conceptions, while at the same time learning a whole host of creative skills.

As well as acting and performing, participants can also take part in: Song Writing and performing
Stage Design
Costume design

Film Making
Theatre Make-up
Special FX make-up Design

Our projects to date include:

THE JAZZ SHACK – Theatre Project

The Brunch Club – Film Making Project

The Brunch Club – Theatre Project

GALAXIA – Theatre Project (in development)

If anyone is interested in joining the cast of MizKast, please feel free to contact us and have a chat (ages 14 upwards)